I have been in the Fashion industry for almost 20 years now. It all started when I moved to New York City, got my first job on the glamorous Madison Avenue, and enrolled to study Textile Science at Fashion Institute of Technology. Then I moved to Toronto where I worked as a fashion buyer and a director in Canada’s most prestigious department store.  In the span of my career I have worked with hundreds of different brands and designers in apparel, footwear and accessories categories. Now I live in Europe and continue to work in luxury fashion. I am very lucky to say that I have always loved my work.

But it is precisely in these past 20 years since I began my career in fashion, that the industry I love so much went through a dramatic transformation. This is when the growth and the profitability of fashion companies and the rise of “fast fashion” accelerated to unprecedented levels. But this growth came at a very high price – an alarming impact on the environment and an unacceptable exploitation of workers deep down its supply chain. Over the past few years I have become more aware, more passionate and more involved in the sustainable fashion movement. I decided to educate myself and develop an expertise in the subject – I’ve read thousands of pages of industry reports, business articles and books, took online courses and master classes. And I continue to learn every day as this subject is very complex and covers many different aspects: from environmental impact, to human rights, to animal welfare. There is indeed so much information available that at times it gets overwhelming and difficult to find the answers, and the truth is – sometimes there is no one right answer or one best solution to a problem.

This is why I decided to start this blog! My mission is to share my experience and knowledge with YOU – as consumers and as industry professionals who want to learn more about sustainable fashion. What I hope to achieve is for you to learn and understand better some of the pressing issues around the environmental and social impact of fashion and help you make informed decisions about your fashion purchases, sourcing more sustainable materials for your collection, or better production practices etc.

I, for instance, decided that from now on, the next “little black dress” I buy will not be just any dress (I already own too many!), but it must be “little sustainable dress” and yes I’m aware that my LBD became LSD instead but perhaps this way you will remember me better 🙂


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