My favorite publications for daily sustainable fashion news and updates:

  • Vogue Business Sustainability section – great source for everyone from consumers to fashion professionals, this section of Vogue Business is dedicated specifically to sustainable fashion
  • Business of Fashion – must read publication for all fashion professionals, especially BoF Professional. It covers all aspects of fashion industry and often highlights sustainability issues
  • Fashion United – another must read publication for fashion professionals which often publishes articles on sustainability 
  • The Guardian Fashion section – UK and international publication with great coverage of general environemental issues and sustainability in fashion
  • McKinsey & Company Retail section – the global consulting firm is a big contributor to the Fashion industry sustainability movement. Together with BoF they publish The State of Fashion anual reports, as well other related articles and in-deapth analysis on the subject

Industry reports and articles for fashion professionals who want to take a deeper dive into sustainable fashion topics:

  • New Textile Economy: Redesigning fashion’s future, by Ellen MacArthur Foundation – a must read for all fashion professionals interested in sustainability. This report offers a vision of a new textiles economy, based on the principles of a circular economy, in which clothes, textiles, and fibers are kept at their highest value during use and never end up as waste 
  • 2018 Preferred Fiber Reports, by Textile Exchange – a collection of textile market reports, which measure and rank the production and usage of fiber and materials with improved social and environmental impacts
  • Pulse of the Fashion Industry Reports, by Global Fashion Agenda and the BCG – an in-depth assessment of the global fashion industry’s environmental and social performance. There are several editions and executive summaries, I recommend to start with 2017 full edition. 
  • Style that’s sustainable: A new fast-fashion formula, by McKinsey&Company – a summary report from 2016 outlining key issues related to fast fashion and how companies are now trying to reduce their environmental and social costs
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