I dedicated my entire career to fashion and always admired its creativity, ingenuity, resilience and the ability to make us look and feel good. But unfortunately fashion also can be polluting, wasteful, and unfair to its own workers. So I could no longer justify that looking and feeling good should cost us the environment and social injustice. In the past few years I decided to educate myself and develop an expertise in the subject of sustainable fashion. My learning journey led me to this moment – I decided to start a blog which I would like to think of as “educational blog”, because I believe that knowledge not shared is knowledge wasted.

Now I would like to share my experience with YOU as consumers and as industry professionals who want to learn more about sustainable fashion.  In my regular blog posts I will offer you concise, yet comprehensive, research-based information about the essential topics ranging from materials impact on the environment and people, to innovations in sustainable fabrics and production, ethical work practices etc. I try to write in a non-complicated yet informative and relevant way, looking at the main issues at first and then offering solutions that you could implement right away. I will also consistently provide various resources that you can access to learn more on yourown like books, documentaries, professional publications, sustainability certifications you should know about, key organizations, industry events and initiatives happening around the world, and occasional mentions of brands I personally love and believe are “doing the right thing” towards a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry.

I believe that today we have to join forces. Together as industry professionals and consumers we have to become more aware of the impact we make whether it is through materials sourced for products and manufacturing practices, or it’s the clothing we buy and how we care for and dispose of it. Once we have that knowledge, we can make informed decisions, change our habits and business practices, demand and promote transparency and equality. And hopefully then we can go back to feeling good while looking good!

So let’s start learning! And always remember we can all make a difference simply by the choices we make!

Disclaimer: when I use any quotes, statements or statistics from external sources I mark with an asterisk*. I also list all the sources at the end of each article.
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